Farm animals – Guessing Game

Can you guess which animal is it ?

  1. I’m a pet. I like bones and meat. I love hugs. I can run but can`t climb.
  2. I’m a big farm animal. I like grass. I make milk and I say “Moo”
  3. I’m an insect. I’m yellow and black. I fly and make honey.
  4. I’m a big farm animal. I can run fast and people climb on my back. It have a long tail.
  5. It’s a small animal. It likes carrots. It has got a short tail and long ears. It can jump.
  6. I love mud. I’m pink and have a curly tail.
  7. I’am white and fluffy. I make wool and I eat grass.
  8. I am a bird but I don’t fly. I lay eggs. I say “bock bock”.
  9. I make milk too. I am smaller that a cow. I have horns.
  10. I am a bird. I can swim and say “quack”

Send you answher to Tatie Annita & Tatie Mia ;)

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